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Life Settlements by Norma Lee Valle l A Texas based life insurance settlement company. |

Do you NEED CASH NOW? Norma Lee Valle can help.

All types of Life Policies may be eligible. 

Complete the Senior Life Form and I will contact you to discuss your life settlment options.

Texas House Bill 2383, signed into law May 27, 2013 by Governor Rick Perry allows owners of life insurance policies with values in excess of $10,000 to enter into a life settlement contract to help pay for home health care, assisted living and nursing home services.  The bill also stipulates that the lesser of 5 percent of the policy or $5,000 be reserved for the final expenses of the policyholder. If the life settlement beneficiary dies before the value is exhausted, the remaining balance goes to a beneficiary or the estate of the deceased.”  The Brownsville Herald, Sunday, August 11, 2013 by Ty Johnson The Monitor link of full article.

Call me at 956-407-2882 or email me at nvalle@lifesettlementsusa.com for more information.